Whole Body Cryotherapy

Choose a Versatile Therapy Option

Choose a Versatile Therapy Option

CryoREV is Sioux Fall, SD’s premier choice for cryotherapy

Are you looking for a therapy solution that doesn’t involve needles, medication or surgery? Whole body cryotherapy sessions are soothing, versatile wellness options perfect for those who seek a drug-free non-invasive therapy.

Cryotherapy is used in the athletic, health and wellness and anti-aging communities because of its many benefits.

Here are a few of the specific areas of wellness in which cryotherapy is typically used:

  • Pain relief and surgery recovery
  • Athletic recovery and performance improvement
  • Anti-aging and beauty
  • Weight management
  • General health and wellness

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How does cryotherapy work?

Cryotherapy sessions are quick and painless. They typically last two to three minutes. During each short session, your skin is exposed to cold temperatures ranging from -130 to -200°F. These rapid cooling treatments stimulate the brain to increase oxygen supply and endorphins. During your session, you’ll stand inside a full-body chamber known as a Cryosauna. This chamber uses liquid nitrogen to cool the air and lower your body’s temperature safely.

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